Yet again Saints concede a goal in the final minutes and this one seems like the end of the world, but it isn’t!

I delayed writing this Verdict for several reasons, the first being that I like many was gutted to once again see us throw away a goal in injury time and in such a vital game.

The second was that I wanted to wait a little, let my own emotions calm down and look at it rationally, on Sunday I saw many knee jerk reactions on social media, yes this was a disastrous result, but it is not a fatal one, some people have lost sight of all that Ralph Hasenhuttl has done and are using this game as a barometer for the whole season.

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Dubbed a six pointer before match, Saints failed to live up to expectations. Cardiff had extra fighting spirit about them and took away three points from St. Mary’s leaving Saints in the bottom three tonight. Find out how Saints fans reacted here…

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